Paying for Collis Activity Camp with Childcare vouchers

Q. What are Childcare Vouchers?
A. A special government scheme operated through employers that allow you to pay for childcare from your pre-tax salary and National Insurance income.

Q. Who can use them?
A. Parents with children aged up to 15 years. If each parent works, they can both claim for childcare vouchers, so there’ll be twice as many to use.

Q. How can I get vouchers?
A. Employers can either give you vouchers in addition to your normal salary as a perk, or they may ask you to sign up for a “salary sacrifice” scheme in which part of your pay is turned into vouchers.

PLEASE NOTE: Childcare vouchers cannot be used to make a booking via the site during the 5 day period before a camp commences.

If you would like to pay using childcare vouchers during the 5 day period before a camp commences, please make payment via Paypal or card and upon receipt of a voucher payment, your Paypal or card payment will be refunded minus any debit card transaction charges.

Childcare Vouchers can be used as part or full payment towards all camps.

Childcare Voucher Companies Which We Are Registered With:

  • Edenred: P20447964
  • Care4: 44052368
  • Computershare: 14587658
  • Leapfrog
  • Sodexo: 182445
  • Childcare plus
  • All save 205510
  • Kiddie Vouchers VC374396
  • Fair Care coll0214
  • Co-operative Flexible Benefits 85106540
  • Fideliti COLO42C
  • Enjoy benefits
  • Employers For Childcare
  • Happy People
  • You at Work: VC 374396
  • RG Childcare Vouchers
  • Apple Childcare Vouchers CAOOO10539
  • My Family Care ( TW11 9BS )
  • P E S
  • Tax Free Childcare ( VC 374396 )
  • P E S (05643)
  • Busy Bees
  • Caboodle  TW11 9BS

If your voucher company is not listed please contact us.

The childcare voucher companies may require the following information when trying to access the above accounts:

Ofsted Registration Number: VC 374396

Admin postcode TW13 6QD

Site and Office Address: Collis Primary School, Fairfax Road, Teddington, TW11 9BS

Bank Details

If you should wish to make a payment via bank transfer please contact us

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