Collis Activity Camp FAQ’s (half term and school holidays camps)

Q. What are the times for the camp?

A. 9am to 5pm (Children may be collected from 4.30 pm onwards)

Q.What time can I drop my child off at the camp?

A. The activity camp doors open at 9.00am and children can be dropped off up until 9.30 (with an optional start time of 8.30am and optional finish time of 6pm if required at a small extra cost)

Q. What time can I pick my child up?

A. Children can be picked up from 4.30pm up until 5.00pm

Q. What does my child need to bring each day?

A. Your child needs to bring:

  • Suitable clothing for indoor activities and a coat for outdoor activities (if the weather requires it)
  • shoes suitable for physical activities, such as trainers (no flip flops please)
  • A packed lunch (no products containing nuts please)
  • Any medication your child is currently taking
  • For the May half term and summer camps, children will need to bring a sun hat, swimming costume and towel
  • Sun Cream (if the weather is going to be hot)

Q. Can my child be with their friend each day?

A. Each morning children are put into groups depending on their age. This is usually reception and year one together, year 2 and 3 together and so on. If you wish for your child to be with a particular friend please mention this to the camp staff upon arrival.

Q. Can my child chose which activities they can participate in?

A. Each morning the activities are planned according to the weather. Each group is then taken to those particular activities throughout the day. If your child does not wish to take part in an activity then they can speak to a member of staff and we will do our best to find an alternative activity.

Q. Where do the camps take place?

A. Collis Activity Camps take place at Collis School, Fairfax Road, Teddington, Middlesex TW11 9BS

PLEASE NOTE: Due to refurbishment work at Collis School, all 2020 camps after February will take place at St James’s Catholic Primary School, 260 Stanley Road, Twickenham TW2 5NP

Q. How does one access the camp?

A. Please use main entrance of Collis School, turn right into the car park. The Collis Activity Camp entrance is located at the far end of the car park below the banner.

Q. Are the pool activities lifeguarded?

A. All Pool activity is lifeguarded by a qualified member of staff and a qualified first aider.

Q. If my child is a weak or non swimmer are they still able to take part in the pool activities?

A. All children will be asked to demonstrate their ability on entering the pool and will be given flotation aids ( arm bands) if necessary.

Q. How can I book an additional early start or late finish option if I have already booked a camp?

A. There is an option to book just an early start at: https://collisactivitycamp.co.uk/places/book-an-extra-early-start/
or just a late finish at: https://collisactivitycamp.co.uk/places/book-an-extra-late-finish/